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Analysis and Research

We are a friendly group of statistical consultants who help people create top-notch scientific research.

We find the best ways to answer research questions. We wrangle data into meaningful results. We communicate in simple language.

And we love what we do.


Research Design

Drawing on years of research consulting experience, we will help you to create the right research design for your project.

Statistical Analysis

Using advanced methods to analyze your data, we help you draw good conclusions and make the best policy and program decisions.

Program Evaluation

To justify investment in your projects, we help you measure, evaluate and communicate the real-world impact of your programs.


Since starting our little firm in 2000, we’ve enjoyed consulting on research programs around the world. We specialize in statistics, population research, survey design, data visualization, and scientific writing. We’ve got geek cred, though our clients mostly appreciate our down-to-earth, easy-to-work-with professionalism.

Philip Hastings, PhD

Principal Statistician

Fei Dong, PhD

Fei Dong, PhD

Research Statistician

Nate Marti, PhD

Sr Research Statistician

Ella Puga

Ella Puga, MPH

Public Health Research Specialist

Sam Field, PhD

Sam Field, PhD

Sr Research Statistician

Joe Pirozzolo, PhD

Research Statistician

Cindy Botts

Cindy Botts, MSW

Administrative Manager

Tony Garcia, PhD

Tony Garcia, PhD

Research Statistician

Katie Case, DrPH

Public Health Research Specialist

Prasant Mohanty, MBBS, MPH

Sr Biostatistician


For fifteen years we’ve earned a reputation for excellence among government, nonprofit, and private-sector clients. Our firm is registered with Dunn and Bradstreet, the US Small Business Association and the US Central Contractor Registry.


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